This app connects people (drivers and passengers) who plan to travel on the same route and are willing to share the journey. Ishan and Sahil’s mission is to create a community-powered travel network that is convenient, friendlier and greener.

The idea of LetsRideKids was born after Ishan and Sahil spent the day with their parents driving them all over town for their school and activities. They noticed their friends were going to the same places but everyone was driving there themselves.

A simple idea came to their mind–that one parent drives multiple kids to their destination. The mission of the app is to provide a safe and secure means of connecting people.

Drivers publish rides with available seats and riders search for drivers going in the same direction. It’s a safe way for parents to create a community of trusted drivers and riders.

Meet Our Founders

Ishan Bagai is a Co-founder of LetsRideKids, a freshman at Brophy Preparatory High School in Phoenix, AZ.

He is interested in environmental sciences and robotics, and taken part in science competitions to design filters to reduce carbon emissions. He is certified lifeguard for City of Scottsdale.

Ishan is passionate about the LetsRideKids app, and believes it will help communities closer and lead to a greener future by helping the environment.

Sahil Bagai is a Co-founder of LetsRideKids, a 7th grade student at Basis Scottsdale, AZ.

He is interested in technology solutions since a young age, is learning how to code and is a leader of his school’s 3D printing club. Sahil feels that his generation needs to make a change now to make an impact on our environment for a sustainable future.

He sees LetsRideKids as an avenue to make that change and to help families save money by sharing rides.